You've probably noticed that the qualities of most kinds of cemetery and funeral equipment vary more than their prices do, because the lowest price is rarely a true bargain. Since 1965, Kernco has been providing the best items of their kinds to more than 600 cemeteries, mausoleums and burial-vault companies while also performing state-of-the-art repairs and refinishing of lowering devices. (In fact, we're the only company the manufacturer -- Frigid Fluid Co. -- has ever endorsed in writing and otherwise**). Our more than 55 years of success is due to our ongoing commitment to great, old-fashioned service and our unmatched reputability (in case you might ever have a problem with anything you've bought from us). It all adds up to what we like to call our "Simple Gift" to you: the best overall value!

Kernco: more than just an equipment company ... more than just a repair company!

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Connecticut Cemetery Association
International Cemetery & Funeral Association
Kentucky Cemetery Association
Keystone State Association of Cemeteries
Maine Cemetery Association
Maryland Free State Cemetery Association
Massachusetts Cemetery Association
Metropolitan Cemetery Association
New England Cemetery Association
New Hampshire Cemetery Association
New Jersey Cemetery Association
New York State Association of Cemeteries
Ohio Association of Cemetery Superintendents & Officials
Rhode Island Cemetery Association
Western Pennsylvania Cemetery Association

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